Third surgery

3 out of 5 surgeries are now DONE! I feel pretty good. I stayed longer in recovery today. Jeffrey was starting to get restless in the waiting room because there was a woman trying have conversations with him about random things. He’s not a talker and especially not with strangers so he’s been cracking me up with his evasion tactics. Waiting room strategies include not sitting by the TV. All the friendly social people sit by the TV. Also, iPad instead of books or magazines. Sit in a corner preferably facing away from the door.

They gave me every possible medication to prevent nausea and so far it has worked. Although, immediately after surgery they had to give me more nausea meds and even pulled out some aroma therapy. The anesthesiologist did not give me any narcotics to prevent nausea (and I assume possible aspiration). I love the Ohio Health system because they can look up exactly what meds I had last time and change it up if needed. All the meds I was given made me very very sleepy and yet more aware of what was going on around me. I remember more this time which is good and bad. There was a heated ceiling lamp at the surgical center an they also brought warm blankets. I tend to shiver coming off anesthesia. The nurses were all super nice and let me keep my bra on for compression and protection of incision sites during surgery.

Dr Bell ( the gyno) took out the ovarian cyst without any problems and looked around for anything possibly suspicious but it was all eye clean. I will hear the pathology report from this on Tuesday. Stupid long weekend. I know that rationally this is just a cyst but until I get that path report I will not be able to completely relax. After a cancer diagnosis that is just where your head goes even if it is not logical. We both love Dr Bell and now I know why Dr Lilly recommended him. My original gyno is a cocky asshole and talked about this surgery like he could do it blind folded and standing on one foot. Really dude? Get over yourself. I want my surgeons to be confident but a little tact would be nice.

One of the side effects during recovery for laparoscopic surgery is chest and shoulder pain. Come on, really? Haven’t I had enough of that? I’m feeling it a little bit already. It’s from the CO2 they inject to do the surgery. They suck most of it out but can’t get it all and it rises to shoulders and chest. It’s all good though. I got another 40 pack of Oxy even though I didn’t finish the first one yet. Doctors are very generous with drugs when ( as said by my friend B) “UR the only person I know who gets this many incisions in such a short time who wasn’t actually bitten by a great white shark”


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