So, I knew this was a possibility but now it is a reality. I have a seroma on the right side where the drain was possibly removed prematurely. It isn’t painful but it’s definitely concerning since the skin in that area has a “waterbed” appearance. I can see and feel the fluid slosh around under the skin. TMI?

I caught it in time yesterday that I called the plastic surgeon and he scheduled me to come in on Monday to have it drained. In the meantime I’m supposed to apply compression and warm compresses to 1. keep more fluid from accumulating and 2. help the body reabsorb the fluid. I immediately put back on my Lilly Wrap. This is a huge ace bandage type thing that Dr. Lilly put on after my first surgery. At the PS appointment they told me that this is the “ugly duckling” phase. They said that I can’t do anything to make my “breasts” worse than they are at this point. I can wear a sports bra or not wear anything at all. Of course I chose not to wear anything but that choice may have allowed more fluid to accumulate. I knew that one of the drains was not ready to come out but it was getting infected and was really uncomfortable so the PS pulled it anyway. But, given the choice of leaving the drain in through the weekend and going in for removal Monday OR taking drain out, getting seroma and going in Monday to get it drained I would take the later option. Both involve an uncomfortable office visit but only one involves a very uncomfortable weekend.

I am still tender and sore with limited arm movement but it seems to be getting better. I’m wanting to do more than I am but I have to stop myself so I don’t get hurt. We all know what happens when the mommy isn’t able to take care of everything. No one notices what isn’t getting done except for me. I’m also having some trouble sleeping since I’ve reduced my medication. I’d go in to my regular doc to talk about that but I really can’t schedule another appointment. Just too much going on. And I can’t drive myself.

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