My house is gorgeous and clean thanks to my step-mom and grandma! They hired a maid service to come help out today. It definitely needed it and it will be some time still until I can do anything like cleaning.

I’ve been trying to rest more today than yesterday. I was more active than I should have been and ended up with extra drainage and was very sore last night. I probably pushed myself too much. And I promise I didn’t even do that much. I’m just going to keep my activity low in hopes that I can get drains out on Thursday.

Having said that I am planning on going to Amira’s soccer practice tonight for my very first outing. It only lasts 45 minutes and I’m just going to sit in a chair and then sit in the car. The 4-5 year old soccer kids are just so cute I can’t stand missing it. I do have the problem of concealing drain bulbs while going out. They hang around my middle and add quite a bit of bulk that is difficult to conceal. I tried on the foam breast prosthesis from the doctor’s office but they look ridiculous. I’m rather liking the flat chested look. It’s very slimming. But the padding does help detract from the bulk of the drains.

Today is a little better than yesterday but I’m getting really tired of the soreness and feeling achy all the time. I want to be able to do things and I can’t. I have to just sit here. I did sleep in the bed last night for the first time but surrounded myself with pillows. I hear life gets much easier after drains are out. I sure hope so! I’m really uncomfortable.

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