Today was kinda a rough day to start. I woke up stiff and uncomfortable and tired and sad. I’m still taking pain meds but as the pain decreases I’m also taking less meds so it’s kinda the same. I’m moving around okay but trying to hold my shoulders up and back takes effort. I’m allowed to do shoulder shrug and shoulder roll exercises and I’ve been trying to do those. I’m also sick to my stomach a lot during the day so I’m not eating much. I’m not vomiting but just have a vague woozy feeling often. It’s made worse because I have to get up and take a bunch of medication that all give me a yucky tummy. I try to eat something to save my stomach but have a hard time forcing myself to eat. The last two days I have been hungry by dinner and have been able to eat a good portion of protein and vegetables in the evenings. For the morning meds Jeffrey got me some protein shakes today to see if it helps my stomach. I’ll try that tomorrow.

I did have to call the plastic surgeon yesterday because some of my drains got a clog in them right where the tube connects to the bulb so I wasn’t able to clear it. I had a significant decrease in the amount of fluid output so I was afraid it wasn’t draining properly. On Friday night around 9:00 I called the on call plastic surgeon but it wasn’t my guy. He essentially told me to take my pain pill and not worry about it. It also sounded like he was at a bar. He was definitely the cocky kind of plastic surgeon. Saturday morning it seemed worse so I sent a text message to my regular surgeon and he called me back right away. He said I could detach the bulb from the tube and clean it out. The nurse at the hospital insisted that we should never ever try to disassemble the connection so we were afraid to do it. After cleaning everything out I did have trouble getting one of the bulbs to hold suction but I tried drying it off and then the suction held. Problem solved! The left side is having very little drainage now but I think it’s just time for it to decrease anyway. The right side is the cancer side and there was significantly more work done on that side so one of the drains is still quite active. They have to have the output down to less than 30 cc per day in order to get the drains out and 3 are below that number. The 4th drain still has more but maybe the fluid will decrease enough by Thursday that I can get all the drains out. That is my 10 day follow-up appointment and I would love to say goodbye to the drains.

I’m also going to ask for more details at that appointment about how he’s going to take my mutilated looking chest and turn it into breasts. I’ve seen the end result on other people and it looks fabulous but I have no idea how they get from here to there. I know I will need to go in for “fills” on my saline tissue expanders but I don’t know the schedule for that or how many fills I will need before I do the implant surgery. The description of this process sounds kinda comical. I have a port on my saline implants under the skin. I go into the plastic surgeon and he injects more saline to increase the size. So I go into the office a A cup (or maybe AA cup, I don’t know what I am right now, I’ve never been this small) and then come out a cup size bigger. That’s just funny right there.

Tomorrow I am having the babysitter come here to help out with the kids. I’ll still be here but they need an adult to help supervise and get them lunch etc. I’m not quite ready to handle kids all day on my own yet. In the evening is Xander’s soccer practice AND orientation for school. I’m not going to make it to either. There will be too many people and too much standing around. I am setting a goal of going to Amira’s soccer practice on Tuesday evening. Someone can set up a chair for me and I can sit and watch and then go back to the car. I think it will be a good first outing.


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