This is Jeffrey posting, so don’t expect the witty commentary of Lauren in this post! But wanted to keep folks posted as we move through the day as I am sure there are lots of curious people checking here today.

We made it to the hospital in plenty of time. While waiting to get moved to pre-op, Dr. Lilly stopped by. Yep! Not even to pre-op and he found us in the surgical waiting room just to check in. Dr. Lilly sets the bar really, really high for all you other doctors out there. He is awesome.

Did the pre-op thing, which went smoothly, I will let Lauren add the details to that as I cannot do one portion of it justice. The anesthesiologist dropped by and put something in Lauren’s IV that took her from sober to 4 margaritas drunk in about 30 seconds. That helped relax her quite a bit. I kept her from posting pics to Facebook though, despite her wanting them taken. She also really liked to fiddle with the finger monitor thing which kept sending the nurse rushing back in because of the false alarms. She also seemed to have a fascination with what her oxygen level was and removing and putting back the nose oxygen thing. Good times!

She’s been in for a little over an hour at this point. More posts later, so keep an eye here for people that are looking for updates today.


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