BRCA and Surgery recovery

I got a call from genetics and I am BRCA negative! That is good news but I have an appointment on Thursday with the genetics counselor to go over family history and other options. Other than my mother’s ovarian/uterine cancer there are no other cancers in the family that would cause a concern. I will still need to worry about ovarian cancer but I need to find a new gynecologist since mine doesn’t want to call me back. He had his nurse tell me on the phone that I need to have a hysterectomy without any explanation. I do feel that a oophorectomy or hysterectomy will be necessary at some point in the next 5-10 years but I’m not convinced that I have the risk factors to warrant immediate removal. I’m starting to have very high expectations of doctors ever since meeting Dr. Lilly. I will consider aggressive treatment but I need to be informed of my options not just a message saying what the doctor wants to do.

Surgery yesterday seems like just a blur. Jeffrey got us to Dublin hospital by 5:45 am. There was no traffic and he drives really fast.I wasn’t able to pre-register on the phone so I wanted to have time for that and there was plenty. Surgery prep included interviews and vitals from nurses and I met the anesthesiologist. Wow, he was hot! I always like to meet hot guys when I’m laying in a hospital bed in a gown and yellow hospital socks with no make-up on. It really doesn’t make me feel old at all. I didn’t need general anesthesia for this procedure, just heavy sedation.

Dr. Lilly came in to mark the site. He was wearing a tweed suit and tie. I’m not sure why he got up in the morning and put on a suit and tie to come to the hospital and change into scrubs. Jeffrey says being a doctor would stress him out. That’s too many different outfits to have to think about. We all know Jeffrey likes to think of himself as a sort of Einstein and he has his Monday shirt, his Tuesday shirt etc. So, Dr. Lilly took some time to decide where to make the incision. If he knew it was benign he would make the incision in a different spot than if there was a possibility of a future mastectomy. I haven’t looked yet so I’m not sure where he decided. He also put his initials on my chest on the right side to confirm the location for surgery. At this time I went ahead and asked him about a pink spot that I found on my breast about the same time I found the lump. I don’t know why I hadn’t asked about it before. It’s a cherry angioma adjacent to the lump. Of course, this weekend I HAD to Dr. Google it and read on Wikipedia that rarely a cherry angioma can signify an underlying malignancy. Dr. Lilly says it’s nothing and just a coincidence.

After Dr. Lilly left the troops dressed in surgical garb swarmed in and swept me away to surgery. I didn’t realize it until I started getting drunk but the anesthesiologist asked if I was feeling the cocktail yet. He said I should feel like I’d had 3 Bloody Marys.  Everything blanked out after that.

I don’t remember waking up in recovery but at some point Jeffrey was there and I felt like I had to sneeze. I swear they did something to my nose while I was out because I still have a tickle in my left nostril a day and a half later. I was starting to feel some pain so the nurse gave me a percocet with some juice and crackers. Big mistake! I don’t remember getting to the car but Jeffrey says I was chatting it up with the transport dude. Apparently we were talking about his kids. I have no idea. I don’t remember getting home either. I went to bed and slept past noon but the dreams were crazy. I can’t even explain. I switched to vicoden after that.

In the afternoon yesterday I got a massive anesthesia hangover and had to hug the toilet for a couple hours. It passed but I still didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day.

I’m feeling pretty good today. I have what the nurses refer to as a “Lilly wrap”. They say none of the other doctors do it but Dr. Lilly binds your chest in a thick ace bandage for 48 hours after surgery. I was thankful for it yesterday since it reduced the amount of movement but I’m ready to have it off today. The grandparents took the kids to see the smurfs and I sent Jeffrey to work. I know he has a lot of stuff to catch up on.

I should hear from Dr. Lilly with results from the lumpectomy either tonight or tomorrow morning. I know from friends that he will call as soon as he gets results even if it’s late at night.


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