Genetic testing

I’m going to write about the subject of insurance and genetic testing not so that I can whine about money but because it may be helpful for someone in the future. I found out today that the big genetic test (BRCA) that was sent out July 20th has had a hold on it at the lab due to insurance issues. I was assuming they were running the test and that I would hear back early next week. Apparently, they do not even start to process a person’s sample until they have confirmation that someone is paying for it. Our insurance company may be even slower than the average and there is a question in regards to if the test will be covered. I didn’t hear until this morning that they were not processing the test because of the insurance hold-up. And I heard from the genetics counselor at Riverside rather than Myriad genetics lab.

I got the number for the lab customer service and called them myself. I was informed that the reason for the hold is that insurance may not pay. It’s an expensive test at $3,340.00 and they will not start it without notification in writing that someone will pay. I was informed that the appeals process with our insurance may take 30 days. We are waiting on this result to help guide decisions on how to treat my cancer. It helps give us information on the likelihood of reoccurance and if we need to be more aggressive on treatment and surgeries. Because we need this information sooner rather than later I went ahead and sent an email authorizing Myriad to begin the test with the understanding that if insurance doesn’t cover then I will be responsible for payment. I also asked if they could put a rush on the test since over a week went by before I found out that there was a hold. With that email they began the test and the agent marked it as Priority. So, I’m still hopeful that we will hear results next week sometime.

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