Monday’s appointment

The second biopsy went okay this morning. They were able to find the mass on my left breast on the ultrasound. The radiologist said that is is a low suspicion type but that we need to have the biopsy results. If it is cancerous they need to know the type and it will affect surgery. The surgeon will need to check the lymph nodes on the left side during surgery as well as the right if this one is cancer too. 

I did not watch the biopsy this time. I noticed that everyone is really super nice once they know you have cancer. Really, too nice for me personally. Please just stay professional and keep your distance. I don’t need to have an emotional connection with every tech and nurse who comes in the room.There was some issue with bleeding from the biopsy site. It didn’t help that they did a mammogram immediately following the biopsy. This spot is going to be more painful than the other one. But at least they didn’t have to go in for the biopsy using MRI.

Those results will be in in a couple/few days I think. Next up is the multi-professional collaboration appointment on Wednesday. I hope to have more answers then and hopefully schedule surgery for next week sometime.

Some people have offered to help. Right now Jeffrey’s parents are watching the kids for appointments. I have a trusted high school babysitter that I can call when they are not able. I’m thinking that meals after surgery would be nice. Those of you who know Jeffrey know that he just doesn’t eat and quickly loses weight (that he really can’t spare) when I’m not feeding him. I also have a bottomless pit for a boy who eats anything and everything. Of course, Amira survives on apples, yogurt and peanut butter sandwiches almost exclusively.

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