Second biopsy

I had a MRI on Thursday that revealed that the tumor on my right breast may be bigger than originally thought. It is likely between 2.5-4.6 cm. It also showed an abnormality on the left breast that may not be cancer but I am scheduled for a follow-up to check on that.

I need to be at Riverside at 7:15 am for an ultrasound. I will also probably need a biopsy on this spot and there is a possibility that it will be a MRI guided biopsy. That means I will be put in the MRI machine while they perform the biopsy. This sounds super fun but I’m hoping to avoid this.

Also this week I have the second opinion clinic at Riverside on Wednesday afternoon. Here is the explanation from their website:

OhioHealth’s Breast Cancer Second Opinion Clinic provides you with a physical exam, multiple specialists’ review of your pathology and imaging studies, plus a one-on-one interactive session with a room full of medical experts who are gathered solely to discuss your case. We rely on the most advanced tools and trusted technologies to confirm breast cancer detection.


The Breast Cancer Second Opinion Clinic offers:

  • Patient examination by a breast cancer specialist
  • Extensive case review and treatment recommendation by a multi-specialty team of research and treatment specialists
  • Final recommendation shared with patient and primary care doctor

On Thursday morning I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon. A bilateral mastectomy is a serious consideration at this point so we are proceeding in this direction to be prepared. I will keep everyone updated.


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